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Utah-based Online Organic Grocery Collects Donations to Support Houston Food Banks
Give2FoodBanks.org is currently raising money for four Houston area food banks in order to help those in need after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey 
AUGUST 31, 2017—SALT LAKE CITY–Give2FoodBanks.org, supported by MyOrganicGrocery.com, a Utah-based, family-owned online organic grocery, is raising money for four Houston food banks. Every dollar donated on Give2FoodBanks.org is 100 percent redeemable for non-perishable organic foods that will be shipped free of charge to the Houston food banks.
The owner of MyOrganicGrocery.com and the founder of Give2FoodBanks.org, Robert Ducey, is encouraging anyone who would like to donate to visit Give2FoodBanks.org, select one of the four Houston food banks listed, and specify the amount of the donation. Each food bank receives a credit equaling 100 percent of the total donations that can then be redeemed for any non-perishable organic foods the food bank needs. All orders will be sent directly to the food banks free of any shipping cost.
“The idea for Give2FoodBanks.org came to me while I was sitting in traffic in Salt Lake City,” said Ducey. “At a stop sign, a woman got out of her car, took out a bag of food, and handed the food to a homeless man standing by the sign. That simple act of kindness inspired me and my family to give back. Since we own an online grocery store, it just made sense to provide food to families in need and involve our patrons by taking in their donations.”
The recent destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey has affected and displaced thousands of people across southeastern Texas. Give2FoodBanks.org will help provide wholesome food to families in need.For more information or to make a donation, visit Give2FoodBanks.org.
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